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Founded in 1993, FG Logistics has transformed itself from a bonded warehouse operator to a global, integrated logistics operator over the last decade. The company is owned and funded by leading businessmen with in-depth knowledge of the logistics industry in Thailand and the world and is currently adopted an aggressive path of growth and expansion.

Since April 2004, FG has embarked on an aggressive strategy to expand its services beyond bonded warehousing. Today, FG has invested heavily in ensuring that it has a good foundation in IT and human resources. It is has engaged more professionals to join its team, most significant is the appointment of its CEO who brings with him an international perspective to logistics management.

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Maintaining its Thai identity, FG Logistics aims to provide the best in class logistics services and solutions for companies doing business in Thailand. We also seek to support Thai companies with businesses overseas with our global logistics consultation and support.

FG Logistics is an ISO9001 certified company.    _

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