FG Logistics is focused on supporting our clients in developing highly integrated logistics solutions for their needs in Thailand and beyond. 

Why We're different 

We support our clients in improving their day-to-day operations through the following :

  • Reduction of operating cost
  • Enhancing working capital
  • Improving return on assets

We seek to create long term value for our client by helping them achieve :

  • Revenue Growth
  • Market Share Growth
  • Flexibility
  • Velocity
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French Group Logistics Co., Ltd. operates logistics services for over 25 years. Currently, the company is a logistics service provider. Which provides true one stop service.
The company's services include :



We provide freight management services to company importing and exporting from Thailand. As we are not affiliated to any carriers and airlines, we are able to ensure that only the best rate and turnaround service are provided to our clients. We are able to support the entire shipping management for our clients - either on an out-source or in-house support basis.


As one of the leading Customs Broker in Thailand, we are confident on our ability to support the customs clearance and trade services management for our clients. We can support our clients in the following areas of customs and trade services needs :

  • Customs Brokerage Services
  • Tariff Classification Services
  • BIS, Blue Corner and Other Tax Refunds Support Services


Warehouse services include both bonded warehouses and general warehouses. Including area Distributed products located at Rangsit, close to Don Mueang Airport, with an area of more than 20,000 square meters, has implemented Supply Chain management programs and information technology tactics that can connect to contacts around the world.


Our transportation services are provided through our associate company and dedicated transportation partners. Today, we are able to provide local haulage from ports, line haul trips to various provinces in Thailand as well as local delivery and express packages and pick and drop operations. 



As a fully integrated supply chain service provider, we worked closely with our customers in determining the most optimized solutions for them. This may mean the proposition of solutions that utilize our clients' own facilities and resources. The ultimate test of the effectiveness of our solutions will be Cost Effectiveness and Service Levels. Our range of logistics solutions covers the following areas :

  • Manufacturing Support - Suppliers Management, Inbound Logistics, JIT Management, Sub Assembly Support
  • Supply Chain Design & Consultation
  • Ground Transportation Management
  • Customer Service Management - Order Management, Delivery Services, Reverse Logistics, After Sales Logistics
  • Procurement, Packaging and Postponement services